Collateral Management on Blockchain

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SureVX does Collateral Management on Blockchain. We help people use the awesome power of blockchain technology to secure transactions and deals regardless of where or who they are.

With smart contracts, we help people and organisations to protect themselves against default and fraud. This security allows them to build strong trading relationships and create economic growth in circumstances where such protections may not have been possible before.

Automated Servicing

Max automation on all collateral management functions

Margin Calls

Made automatically from collateral pools – no human intervention required

Crowdsource Funds

Commit your own inventory, or borrow from liquidity pools

Full Portfolio Visibility

See at a glance risk status on your whole portfolio

Low Cost

Reduce collateral management overheads

Zero Infrastructure

No requirements for any infrastructure on your side


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DevBlog – 09.02.2020

This blog explains how we're developing the SureVX P2P Collateral Management protocol. This protocol allows for the creation of collateral positions between counterparties which automatically manage margin calls, amongst other

Escrow and Collateral Management

P2P Escrow and Collateral Management with SureVX (Chapter I)

We are creating a protocol that allows fast, accessible and cost-effective P2P escrow and collateral management. We believe in sure value exchange. We are SureVX. We believe in leveraging the power

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As we saw in Part I under an idealised public blockchain, companies will no longer control the whole stack from data to UX, meaning that getting paid may no longer be so

Monetizing the Blockchain I

It’s coming, the blockchain. At the time of writing in summer 2018, it feels like it’s coming a lot more slowly than anticipated around the turn of the year, but

Intro to Collateral Management & Blockchain

Blockchain technology development has made new forms of electronic value exchange possible. Escrow and collateral management services have high operational costs, complexity, and asset illiquidity. Asset tokenization and process execution


Ben Stanley, CEO of SureVX

Benjamin Stanley


Ben spent 15 years delivering back-office information technology service projects in large financial companies in London and Paris (BNYM, SunGard, Accenture) before taking the plunge into startup world and learning how to create and scale organizations from scratch.

Involved in crypto since 2015, Ben wrote a Masters thesis on Collateral Management on the blockchain and is a polished Solidity developer.

As a technical founder, Ben will leverage his development and project management expertise alongside the business acumen he brings from his careers as a management consultant and startup guy.