Collateral Management on Blockchain

The SureVX protocol will streamline the collateralization of derivatives and other deals involving crypto assets on Ethereum, leveraging low cost, high speed and disintermediation of unnecessary steps in the value chain to open up collateral management to almost any individual or organisation.

Deals will be made either off-protocol and collateralization set up via API, or directly on the protocol using either direct calls to the smart contract suite or by SureVXs own front-end.

Automated Servicing

Use Collateral Pools to automate collateral agreement servicing.

Margin Calls

Near real-time margin calls based on the latest price, quality and liquidity data.

Crowdsource Funds

Borrow inventory from the market to post as collateral.


Blockchain Entrepreneurs vs GDPR

You’re an entrepreneur, and you’re designing a business which will use publicly accessible blockchain data to market services in Europe. The new EU data protection regulation is already in place.

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Intro to Collateral Management & Blockchain

Blockchain technology development has made new forms of electronic value exchange possible. Escrow and collateral management services have high operational costs, complexity, and asset illiquidity. Asset tokenization and process execution


Ben Stanley, CEO of SureVX

Benjamin Stanley


Ben spent 15 years delivering back-office information technology service projects in large financial companies in London and Paris (BNYM, SunGard, Accenture) before taking the plunge into startup world and learning how to create and scale organizations from scratch.

Involved in crypto since 2015, Ben wrote a Masters thesis on Collateral Management on the blockchain and is a polished Solidity developer.

As a technical founder, Ben will leverage his development and project management expertise alongside the business acumen he brings from his careers as a management consultant and startup guy.

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